It’s my mom’s birthday, but I’m spending time with Dean Blunt and Delroy Edwards today, because they’ve just dropped a nasty, CHUNKY AF collaborative album outta seemingly nowhere. But it does actually come from somewhere: the 19-track release, titled Desert Sessions, was recorded over a three-month period last year in L.A., and it’s available “everywhere” through Delroy’s own L.A. Club Resource.
You all know we won’t shut up about Dean Blunt, but did you know we’re huge fans of Delroy Edwards too? Check out his excellent (and EUREKA!’d) new album Rio Grande, if you haven’t already.
Delroy and Dean. WTF. Buy Desert Sessions on vinyl here, find it on Spotify or Apple Music, and/or stream via YouTube below.

Desert Sessions tracklist:
01. Audio Track 1
02. Audio Track 2
03. Audio Track 3
04. Audio Track 4
05. Audio Track 5
06. Audio Track 6
07. Audio Track 7
08. Audio Track 8
09. Audio Track 9
10. Audio Track 10
11. Audio Track 11
12. Audio Track 12
13. Audio Track 13
14. Audio Track 14
15. Audio Track 15
16. Audio Track 16
17. Audio Track 17
18. Audio Track 18
19. Audio Track 19

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