Sean McCann’s Recital label has had a banner year, dotted as it was with pillar releases from the likes of The Ivytree, Sarah Davachi, Cop Tears, and Karla Borecky — among a handful of others — alongside the stunning centerpiece that is the Simple Affections LP. But we’ve still got something like two months left in this ol’ beater of a year, which means Recital isn’t yet done working its magic. In fact, an entire trifecta of rare and unusual releases have worked out a spot in what remains of Recital’s 2018 McCanon, and as usual, you’ll want to catch ‘em all!
First up is a vinyl reissue of French sound artist François Dufrêne’s “impossible-to-find” album Cri-Rythmes, recorded between 1967–1972 and initially released in 1977 on cassette. Recital is issuing the record in an edition of 250 with a written tribute to Dufrêne by Bernard Heidsieck from 1983, the year after the artist’s death. Enjoy as “Dufrêne swallows the microphone, gargles the capsule, then vomits up the cables,” as any good neo-Dadaist would.
Next is a compilation of works from artist Jean Dupuy recorded from 1969–2017 called All of the Time. Recital’s LP will come in an edition of 220 and include a 20-page insert, but there’s also a special edition of 30 with an original signed drawing from Dupuy. If that’s not enough exclusive incentive for you, the record’s lead track, “Concert of Seconds,” was also recorded just for the LP! Hurry up and stake your claim on art!
Finally, Recital brings Reidemeister Move’s (Christopher

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