The lateral temptations of crisp optics, of antiseptic waiting rooms, of shiny and elaborate audio. Ah yes, the realm of the ineffable ブギーアイドル (a.k.a. Boogie Idol). The realm to work towards; to aspire to.
Making their second appearance on the digital label datafruits, 土を売る仕事 is a fun, intoxicating dream-state crafted by ブギーアイドル.
Born like a Tamagotchi in real time with a plastic smile, surrounded by doctors rotating like Sims characters stuck in rooms full of fake plants, the artificialness of the album gives you life. You swallow whole seaweed wrapped shrimp puffs adorned atop bamboo mats with steel chop sticks elegantly lined to perfection. You communicate only in emojis. You dance only with your eyes closed. Ah yes, the glossy realm of ブギーアイドル. Come taste the sterile air.
土を売る仕事 by ブギーアイドル

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