Recent months have seen Garcia Peoples bask in an enviable situation as critics and fans have fallen over themselves to hail the band as the missing link between the psych-jammers of the 60s and the indie-melodists of the 80s and 90s. And now, just as even the most musically indifferent were starting to warm to the form of last year’s classic, Cosmic Cash, the Jersey quartet have announced details of a brand new disk. Natural Facts will be out March 29 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond, and we have an exclusive track from it to premiere today!
The first cut from Natural Facts, “Feel So Great” features the now-trademark sounds of Garcia Peoples: an impressively tight rhythm section and fast-fingered fret work under a blanket of sun-soaked vocal harmonies and good vibes. But despite their undeniably 1960s-rooted sounds, the Peoples (plus harmonious soul Pat Gubler/P.G. Six, who is basically the fifth People now) aren’t mere retro rollers. The hazy melodic ecstasy in their songs is tempered by a postmodern cynicism and a desire to shift minds, as Garcia Peoples bassman Derek Spaldo explains:
We started working on “Feel So Great” in 2016. Musically the song packs a wallop, so I wanted to write lyrics that matched that intensity. I was particularly inspired by The Who: they too rock out insanely hard, with that punky, cynical tinge of social commentary in the lyrics. “Feel So Great” is about changing the collective consciousness and connecting on a higher level. “We are coming for your children

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