CALSUTMORAN: prolific Rochester xenomorph with a conceptual probe into human/non-human dichotomy, places extra-planetary emphasis on non-Terran lifeforms and logic. Alien research directed to the (hopefully) speculative parasitological subset of the discipline, and on to the deeper mind-control aspects of said topics. Result is use of insect models to frame a non-human coup d’état of sapiens consciousness.
Behind this theorizing lies glitched noise production, on first pass seeming space-tech, but truly a potent tracer into an imagined chemistry between ape mind and alien, a simulated play-by-play of such an interaction. A chitinous hypnotic zodiac, from which an unresolved question remains: Is CALSUTMORAN specimen or alien? Insect surgeon or abductee?
The VYKEXO MOTHERSHIP tape comes with three ‘zines – the “VYKEXO ENDOPARASITOID EVOLUTION BOOK SET” – to shed more light.

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