Heyo, here I am: another resident TMT correspondent reporting for duty, with
big news.
And what news it is!
Hausu Mountain, baby (ever heard of it?). It’s a label based in Chicago, but also (maybe moreso?!) in the nebulous Networked Sea of Cyberspace. Hausu Mountain’s tentacles reach far and wide, seeking forward thinking artists from various backgrounds and music scenes, culminating in an eclectic roster that’s always full of surprises.
Which brings me to the reason you and I are here, on this w-e-b-p-a-g-e, swimming in this vast Sea Network I’m talking about. Hausu Mountain has some exciting stuff coming out in February. Let’s discuss!
First up: the inimitable Euglossine (who hails from Gainesville, Florida but swims about in the Networked Sea of Cyberspace quite often himself) will be dropping his first ever Hausu Mountain release Coriolis on February 15. The operative referent of Coriolis is smooth jazz fusion, but embedded in a wax-nostalgic framework of elevator music and video game soundtracks. Euglossine takes these nuanced, context-oriented sounds/moods and resets them in a bed of optimism that absolutely drips with lush melodies. Using various instruments (guitar, keys, programmed percussion, modular synthesis, etc.) as his brush, Euglossine paints jazz fusion in a style that reaches far beyond imitation, taking us into a futuristic world haunted by the faint ghosts of forgotten technologies. Pre-order it over here and sample a couple exclusive tracks below!
But first: brace yourself for ANOTHER (yes, ANOTHER!) February release from the lush coral reef that is Hausu Mountain. Label co-founder Max Allision aka Mukqs

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