A lot can happen over the course of 10 years. For Scranton, PA-based band Tigers Jaw, 10 years has passed since the release of their self-titled album. In that time, they have seen growth and changes in their music, as heard on the three albums they’ve since released, the most recently being 2017’s Spin. But what hasn’t changed is the special fondness that their fans, and the band itself, feel for the self-titled release from 2008. For long-time Tigers Jaw listeners, the self-titled 10-year anniversary tour last year was a chance to hear fan favorites that have stuck with them over the years, like the comfort of coming home after being away for so long.
I talked with Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw about the album turning 10, the past and future for Tigers Jaw, Twin Peaks, and what inspires him to keep making music.

What are your feelings about your self-titled album turning 10?
First and foremost, it definitely makes me feel old [laughs], but not necessarily in a bad way. I feel very lucky that we’re still able to tour, still able to put out new music. But also that people still feel connected to stuff that’s that old, and it’s interesting playing songs that we wrote and worked on when we were young teenagers and viewing them a little differently now but still getting something genuine out of them.
How would you describe how your sound has changed over the last 10 years?
When we were doing that record, there were no preconceived notions about what

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