For a label that’s firmly rooted in a certain aesthetic, Holodeck is keeping us guessing with their first release of the new year. Whereas H-deck typically drops a retro synth-infused burner, from out of left field we now have L.A.-based Virgin Pool (a.k.a. Christine Aprile), whose Endless Evenings EP is chock full of moody, broody acoustic numbers perfect for chilly nights staring into the darkness. Over four tracks, nary a synth nor 808 can be heard!
Now that your jaw has been returned from the floor, you can bask in the melancholy of Aprile’s hazy, kaleidoscopic video for album closer “The Wanderer.” Friends, this is some primo emotional comfort food. It feels a little like an unscheduled holiday during which you can get lost in Virgin Pool’s inviting sonic world…and maybe even learn a little something about yourself along the way.
Endless Evenings hits the streets April 19, and is now up for pre-order in both cassette and digital formats.

Endless Evenings EP tracklisting:
01. Keeping Still
02. Sweet Decay
03. Endless Evenings
04. The Wanderer

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