When you were listening to Liz Harris’s excellent album as Nivhek, After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house, did you wonder what it would be like to hear it either while on DMT or while fighting the alien at the end of the movie Annihilation? Well, assuming you haven’t already had those experiences (and props if you have), you’re now one step closer to approximating them.
Artist Brenna Murphy has created four 3D environments that correspond to moments from Harris’s Nivhek album, which was released last month. Like the source material itself, these digital worlds are simultaneously stark and kaleidoscopic, and they arrive today as a Vimeo video titled “Cloudmouth” (embedded below) and as a website housing the full audiovisual project.
In addition to Murphy’s pieces, Nivhek’s album is also getting a non-limited physical release. So if you missed out on the limited vinyl last month, you have Superior Viaduct sub-label W.25TH to thank for the second chance. Pre-order the album on vinyl or CD here before its May 31 release, and immerse yourself immediately in Murphy’s exquisite environments.

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