Eight years on, and New York City-dwellers are suddenly less concerned about a warming-induced future that’ll have speedboats replacing ride shares and coral replacing bagels in the city’s collective breakfast routine. The clarity of that future persists, to be sure; but helping to mitigate the feeling of inevitable human/global catastrophe is the annual End Tymes Festival, which has been happening in Brooklyn since around the time that Al Gore was still vaguely synonymous with both cyborgs and climate change activism.
Bob Bellerue — a.k.a. Half Normal — started the DIY festival back in 2011, and in an interview that he did with us a couple of years later, he commented on how the festival continues as a congregation of all those noise/experimental artists that he personally wants to see perform. Luckily, he’s cool with unlimited voyeurs!
Now, End Tymes X is scheduled to take place at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn from April 4-7. And one can only assume by the no-frills website that the festival maintains its status as being sponsor and contract-free — and really, it would feel sort of paradoxical to have all these underground noise artists performing against a backdrop of Pabst Blue Ribbon posters, anyway.
Among the complete cacophonous lineup, TMT pals like Puce Mary, Aki Onda, Hiroshi Hasegawa, MV Carbon & Ka Baird, King Vision Ultra, Sandy Ewen, Dreamcrusher, and Bonnie Baxter plan to expand minds for a relatively meager price. It’s only $60 for a weekend pass!
Catch that full lineup (and buy tickets/stuff) here, and check some relevant

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