Millennial listeners are naturally inclined to only associate Kevin Martin with his more recent work as The Bug. It’s been the producer’s go-to project in this decade and through most of the last; and for that reason primarily, it’s important point out the plethora of extra-hexapod contributions that Martin has made to electronic music over serious lengths of time.
…Which is probably Room40 boss Lawrence English has made a special point of noting his label’s distinct honor in releasing the very first album where Kevin is using his given name on the cover.
Sirens is scheduled for release June 7 courtesy of Room40, and the name of the album alludes to the intense circumstances that surrounded the birth of his first child. Various medical emergencies made the experience far from uneventful, and the music on Sirens does a masterful job of conveying the core-rattling gravity that Martin and his family experienced throughout the process.
Casual head-bobbing might not be the most appropriate reaction to the austere 14-track LP, but feel free to pre-order the album from Room40 here, and check out the album tracks “Kangaroo Care” and “Loss of Consciousness” down below:
Sirens by Kevin Richard Martin
Sirens tracklisting:
01. There Is A Problem
02. Bad Dream
03. After The Party
04. Life Threatening Operation 2
05. Alarms
06. Too Much
07. The Surgeon
08. Mechanical Chatter in the I.C.U.
09. Kangaroo Care
10. The Deepest Fear
11. Necrosis
12. Loss Of Consciousness
13. Finnaling
14. A Bright Future

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