If Everybody Works demonstrated an emotional evolution on the part of now Los Angeles-based musician Melina Duterte (a.k.a. Jay Som), then her new album Anak Ko…well, it continues that emotional evolution.
The release of Anak Ko on August 23 (courtesy of Polyvinyl) takes place subsequent to a 2017 move to Los Angeles from Duterte’s birthplace in the Bay Area, and just like her last album conveyed a newfound contentedness with where her musical career was taking her, she now seems increasingly cool with the increasing attention that she’s gotten as a result of her introspective, bedroom pop songs. She still insists on humility and the unavoidability of mistakes, however. (Keyboards simply must keep the backspace button!)
But even though Anak Ko continues that tradition of Jay Som assuming the production/engineering duties entirely by herself, it’s also her first release where she seriously welcomed contributions from outside musicians; including Laetitia Tamko (Vagabon), Annie Truscott (Chastity Belt), Taylor Vick (Boy Scouts), and Justus Proffit. “Superbike,” the first single from the release, certainly suggests a continued casualness of overall musical style, and arguably a persistence of not-so-secret shoegaze appreciation, but Duterte’s stated desire for “more [grooviness]” seems to come through as well.
“Anak ko” means “my child” in Tagalog, by the way. Have a listen to “Superbike,” head here if you wish to pre-order, and check out Duterte’s humble (but massive!) list of world tour dates after that:

Anak Ko tracklisting:
01. If You Want It
02. Superbike
03. Peace Out
04. Devotion
05. Nighttime Drive
06. Tenderness
07. Anak Ko
08. Crown
09. Get Well
07.20.19 – Chicago,

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