Smell that slightly overpowering yet alluring aroma in the air? The one that smells like technicolored bubbly pop goodness? It can only mean one thing: PERFUME. Following last year’s album Future Pop (#40 on our year-end favorites feature), the J-pop titans known only as Perfume have announced that they will be gracing us with a brand new “Best Of” album. Perfume The Best “P Cubed” — either the result of clunky translation or just a real clunky official title — is set for release on September 18.
Spanning the trio’s entire career — and marking their 15th anniversary — the compilation weighs in at a positively whopping 52 tracks! That’s a lot of bests! Among those 52 will be two new songs, including the recently released-and-featured-in-ads-for-Hadabisei-sheet-masks “Nananananairo.”
Oh, and did we mention the whole thing will be remastered by producer extraordinaire and so-called “best thing that’s ever happened to human life” Yasutaka Nakata? Because it will be!
The compilation will be released in a number of editions, including a “Standard Edition” three-CD format, a “Limited Edition” that includes the three CDs as well as a Blu-Ray or DVD — whatever floats your media player boat — and a “Limited Press Edition” that includes the CDs, the Blu-Ray or DVD, and a “special photobook in a special package.” If you go the Limited Press route, you can even score some “special merch” to go along with your “special photobook in a special package.” Special!
Listen to “Nananananairo” and check out one of those sheet masks commercials down below.

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