As Earthen Sea, Jacob Long explores the vast sonic textures at the crossroads of techno, ambient, and experimental electronics. After logging time in vital hardcore and dub-punk projects such as Black Eyes and Mi Ami, Long has set out a path of his own as Earthen Sea. Across several EPs and two full-lengths, the most recent being June’s Grass and Trees (out now via Kranky), Long has dabbled in the push/pull dynamic of icy tech house and ambient interludes (see 2017’s An Act of Love) while recently mining brighter yet subtle ambient grooves (Grass and Trees). The recent results are understated and oftentimes gorgeous.
To get a glimpse of his backstory and approach to crafting his sounds, Jacob and I traded emails in the wake of Grass and Trees’s mid-June release.

What have you been up to between the release of An Act of Love and your new record, Grass and Trees?
What have I been up to? Somehow a couple of years passed without it really feeling like that. When that record came out, I had just been in New York for a few months, so spent some time getting settled here. But other than that, really just working on music, exploring ideas, figuring out where I wanted to be going and then spending a lot of time making sure I was happy with the results. Other than that, just living, making some art, and riding my bike and skateboarding when I can.
A 2017 Bandcamp interview touched on your first album being inspired

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