Not to get all existential on you, dear reader, but Lightning Bolt, the Providence, Rhode Island-based noise outfit of Brian Chippendale and Brian Gibson, has been rocking and rolling all across the world for 25 years. When these cats got started, I was a wee lad getting up early before school to sip hot cocoa and watch Garfield (joke’s on you, though, because I still sip cocoa and watch Garfield).
But I digress, because “The Bolt” haven’t lost their edge, and in some ways they are pummeling our eardrums harder than ever before. Their latest LP, Sonic Citadel, comes four years after Fantasy Empire, and turns it up to 11 after the latter maxed out at a 10.5, maybe 10.7. Seriously, how can these dudes not be deaf already!?
Lightning Bolt are also set to give a little history lesson, with their Load Records (RIP) back catalog being reissued via Thrill Jockey, their current label. The reissue mania begins with Wonderful Rainbow and continues into next year.
Sonic Citadel is out October 11, with pre-orders locked and loaded. Scope the (delightfully familiar-looking) cover art, full tracklist, and select tour dates below.

Sonic Citadel tracklisting:
01. Blow To The Head
02. USA Is A Psycho
03. Air Conditioning
04. Hüsker Dön’t
05. Big Banger
06. Halloween 3
07. Don Henley In The Park
08. Tom Thump
09. Bouncy House
10. All Insane
11. Van Halen 2049
09.06.19 – Denver, CO – Denver Hex Festival
09.14.19 – Brooklyn, NY – Open Air at 99 Scott
10.10-13.19 – Lake Perris, CA – Desert Daze

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