Hesitation is the trick to clowning around. It’s the confidence in taking the next step in twisting exactly the unexpected into genuine. Find symbols that aren’t in any way symbolic. Looking over your shoulder into the darkness around the corner. A shadow, hazy approaches and it’s a fucking roach in the candle-light your wife lit a minute ago, or so. And the roach is looking at you. Or it’s a waterbug. Suddenly it’s in your mustache. Across your fingernails. Backflips mid-air onto the table, gives you an opposable two-thumbs up. So you thinking, “Yo, roach!” *point to roach w/ gun-fingers*
Fluid Array is a meeting with Sun Araw & Mitchell Brown. If ya been following Sun Araw’s collaborations, this is to be astonishing and expected, so think ahead and buckle-up. Wear a helmet. Pop on a red-foam nose. Let’s get to the boo-boo and work it way out, wormed:
Fluid Array by Sun Araw & Mitchell Brown

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