Henry Birdsey and Zach Rowden. As Tongue Depressor, they play as one mind, or like The Third Mind — two fiddlers, trading resonance and atonality, while likely wearing archaic smiles. They warp a tone, tangle a drone, arrange a piece to be forever unresolved, like some old feud. The song forever up and down, in wax or wane, simmering, lacking endpoint, respirating, lacking reason to land. Stark bowed strands, eldritch and purifying, that would be a horror if not a beauty.
Both tracks on Fiddle Music [vol.5], and many tracks from earlier volumes (the Fiddle Music series began in April 2018), are named in memory of various long-gone snake handlers. In the case of vol.5, their names were Maudie Lankford and Tallamade Adkins.
Fiddle Music [vol.5] by TONGUE DEPRESSOR

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