Fat Possum has announced a new 14-track collection from indie-rock giants Royal Trux. Compiling songs picked from the entirety of the band’s catalog, yet “never before heard or contextualized as a singular offering,” Quantum Entanglement will drop to this Earth on November 29 – a.k.a. Record Store Day Black Friday.
“Career-spanning” can mean a lot of different things; in case of Royal Trux, the archetypal power-freak duo of 1990s underground rock music, it means a retrospective that defines a time as much as it defines a band. Uninhibited and ingenious, Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema created a vision of guitar music that could incorporate noise and jazz within the parameters of a singular verse, yet still lend itself best to the descriptor of rock ‘n roll.
Originally ending their twelve-year album run in 2000, the duo reunited four years ago for a slew of live shows, and eventually released a comeback LP White Stuff earlier in 2019. They have also collaborated with a musician who shares their uncompromising devotion to the preternatural – Ariel Pink – on the reworking of some of the songs from their latest record, the EP Pink Stuff.
No pre-order link this time, kids: this stuff will be available exclusively at participating independent record stores. Find one near you.

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