Here’s the 411, millennials:
After Wire (which was a “band” in which “certain men” played “certain instruments”) called it quits back in 1980 (which was a year near the end of the 20th century in which all the memes belonged to Richard Dawkins), founding members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis — along with some generous assistance from engineer Eric Radcliffe and his Blackwing Studio (which was a sort of room where “professionals” “recorded” “record albums”) — founded a new group called Dome.
The project was founded with the expressed intention of “using the studio as a compositional tool” managed to record and release a remarkable three albums within one year (all issued on their own label, no less). This furious output comprised DOME (July 1980), DOME 2 (October 1980) and DOME 3 (October 1981). Mercifully easy to remember.
Before they ran out of steam, however, the trio released a fourth and final document, entitled DOME 4: WILL YOU SPEAK THIS WORD in May 1983 and released it on the Norway-based Uniton label. Ever since then, it has only been available as part of the complete Dome 1-4+5 boxed set, issued back in 2011.
End of story.
No, just kidding. The whole point is: Editions Mego is reissuing this gem as a standalone vinyl disc (yes yes, and digital download) on November 29! Whoa. That’s, like, appreciably soon!
Don’t worry, though. You still have some time to pre-order the album, in all of its stark and ruthless experimental beauty, by gesturing here with your Apple Watch haptics or whatever

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