Anyone dedicated to keeping in touch with the current electronic music landscape would tell you this: tribal gabber was bound to happen at some point. Looks like this type of concoction might be arriving now from El Irreal Veintiuno — a.k.a adventurous Mexican producer Bryan Dálvez — whose debut EP Poliformo is due out on November 5 via SUBREAL.
Started earlier this year by Siete Catorce and AMAZONDOTCOM, the label’s first outing was the latter’s album Mirror River, which established SUBREAL as purveyors of forward-thinking dance music that’s uncomfortable with labels but certainly looks to Latin America for its “aha” moments. Poliformo certainly plays into this eclectic hand, taking cues from styles such as footwork and hardcore techno and merging them seamlessly under the umbrella of experimental guarachero.
Pre-order the digital album on Bandcamp, and listen to “Colapso,” one of its five (wait, six!) tracks below:
Poliformo by El Irreal Veintiuno

Poliformo tracklisting:
01. Poliformo
02. Colapso
03. Yuto Nahua
04. Apofenia [Feat. Siete Catorce]
05. Ayer En Tlatelolco
06. Nahualli (Bonus track)

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