I knew it! I knew there was something up. I could feel it in my waters when I woke up this morning. At first, I thought it was the seven Wild Cherry Pepsis I shotgunned before bed (I like the dreams they yield, is all!). But no, this was something more. Some wind-whiff of excitement coming from the west. The west of Canada. The west of British Columbia. In a town that, as fate would have it, was once known as Gastown. But I digress…
Never doubt your waters. Today Merge Records announced that Vancouver’s Dan Bejar — who has been playing and recording as Destroyer for the past 25 years — has a new album ready for mass consumption in 2020 — AND a new single available for enjoyment TODAY! And there’s new year dates scheduled as well! Something tells me I won’t be needing any Wild Cherrys tonight; these daydreams are satisfying and sugar-free.
Bejar is one of the most adept songwriters of our generation, so this kind of news is a welcome thing. The new Destroyer album, Have We Met, is out January 31 on Merge, but you can check out it’s opening bang with the synth-solid single “Crimson Tide” today. The video for “Crimson Tide” was directed by David Galloway and David Ehrenreich and it can be viewed below.
North American tour dates — some with Eleanor Friedberger and some with Nap Eyes — have been set for February and March of next year, all of which can be peeped

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