I guess it’s technically Oscar season? A 3.5 hour Martin Scorsese movie and Willem Dafoe in black and white both tell me that’s the case — but in addition to those two obvious flicks, there’s also Uncut Gems, the upcoming drama/black comedy movie directed by the Safdie brothers and starring Adam Sandler. Sandler plays an NYC jeweler with an ambiguous moral compass (a role that he was seemingly destined for), and Daniel Lopatin a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never…
Well, actually, as far as the general public knows, he’s not physically present in the movie. Instead, he was tasked with scoring the film ahead of its release on December 25. But whatever; THE IMPORTANT THING IS: details of that score have been revealed to those of us who prioritize that sort of thing. Who knows, maybe one preferred to hedge their bets on the movie itself until they found out about OPN’s auratic involvement?
Lopatin’s Uncut Gems OST is scheduled for release December 13 courtesy of Warp Records, and it most recently follows OPN’s Love in the Time of Lexapro EP, his Age Of full-length studio album, and before that, the first score that he did for the Safdie brothers.
That last one one was for the film Good Time starring Robert Pattinson, and according to Josh Safdie, that was more or less the beginning of their professional dealings:
I was a fan of his music… his albums are very conceptual, and he was making basically scores for movies that didn’t exist. So when we met on Good

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