How’s this for a breath of (very) fresh (and very soft [and very beautiful]) air?
Brisbane, Australia’s own patented “dream-float machine” Primitive Motion (which is itself a collaboration between artists Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig) have joined oh-so-delicate forces with renowned avant-garde musician Anthony Burr for a beautiful extended slow-burn of “summery afternoon acoustics” that’s sure to help bring a little warmth and sunlight to even the most frigidly western of hemispheres.
Breath Of Light Remains comprises one sprawling, sparse, and extremely refined 45-minute track of floating field recordings and piano melodies improvised live at Primitive Motion’s cozy home studio during one of Burr’s visits to his Australian home town. Per the press release, “summertime neighbourhood sounds of children playing, local birdlife, and cicadas drift into the home studio as the trio arc sound around the room and beyond, colouring the air in shades both light and dark as time stands still.”
The album is available today as a digital download and extremely limited (we’re talking 100) cassette, courtesy of Lawrence English’s Room40 sister-label A Guide To Saints. Stream the entire composition down below, and grab a tape from Room40’s Bandcamp, while these warm breaths of of light still remain.
Breath Of Light Remains by Primitive Motion & Anthony Burr

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