A lot of people don’t know this, but Hyperdub and Adult Swim were roommates way back in their Freshman year of college. Back then, life was simple. They were both Musical Theater majors who spent the majority of their time smoking cheap weed out of tin foil bowls and playing Counterstrike over their dorm’s shitty T-1 connection.
NOW, on the eve of 2020, when everything ELSE in life has gotten all “Disney Plus streaming on my iPhone 11 Pro” kinds of complicated, Hyperdub’s old pal Adult Swim has announced a good-old-fashioned mixtape to help mark Hyperdub’s 15th anniversary. Aww, there’s just no ship like friendship.
The nineteen song compilation, entitled HyperSwim,” acts as a snapshot of where Hyperdub is at in its fifteenth year,” which is a sorta fancy-shmancy, college-boy way of saying it features “music created expressly for the compilation by nineteen acts from the current roster, including new songs from Burial, Ikonika, Kode9, Dean Blunt, Fatima Al Qadiri, and many more.”
The album will be streaming in its entirety THIS FRIDAY, November 22, on Adult Swim. After which, it’ll available on all digital platforms (starting Saturday November 23). Until then, peep the videos for Angel Ho’s contribution “Chaos” and Laurel Halo’s “Crush” down below, and let’s have three hardy, Fraternity-style “huzzahs” for the mysterious power of long-term rapport!

HyperSwim tracklisting:
01. MHYSA – Games
02. Okzharp and Manthe Ribane – In Your Own Time
03. Ikonika – Primer
04. Proc Fiskal – Devlish River
05. DJ Taye – Inferno
06. DJ Haram – Get it
07. Angel Ho

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