You know it; I know it: no one releases split EPs on a dime quite like PAN. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, right now, PAN is the PAN of releasing split EPs.
And today, the second installment of the Berlin-based label’s “white label series” is a four-song disc featuring Toxe and CRYSTALLMESS.
Once again, it’s EXTREMELY LIMITED to 300 hand-stamped physical copies (with “no repress”) — every single last one of which (if you’re MAJORLY rich and MAJORLY an asshole) can technically be ordered right here.
For the rest of us common plebes, there’s also a full stream of the split on SoundCloud, listenable down below.

Toxe / CRYSTALLMESS Split tracklist:
A1. Toxe – Maybe Tomorrow
A2. Toxe – Kiss Kiss
B1. CRYSTALLMESS – Fear Of A / Black Planet

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