Video games? Those don’t exist! OK, they might exist. But in the context of music journalism, they might as well be a complete fabrication. Music composed for this medium tends to be ignored by our medium. (Certain exceptions notwithstanding.) But why must it? Is it because some critics simply don’t like video games? Is the value in the music not taken seriously enough? Is it too difficult to separate the music from the game itself and, like a film score, can’t reasonably be assessed on its own?
Whatever the reason, the video game music of the past decade has greatly challenged much of the above. A massive surge of indie games brought with it a wide variety of composers from different backgrounds and genres, all of whom have provided unique takes on how a video game could be scored. Meanwhile, a none too small number of AAA games had soundtracks that people could remember for one reason or another, permeating their lives the same way the music did for the worlds of those games. To call them cinematic would be to completely miss the point: the video game music in this past decade became its own thing, exiting the screen and into the ears of a loving public.
Oh, and, uh, let’s not forget that time Tiny Mix Tapes got kidnapped by ninjas.
It was with all this in mind when we decided to finally celebrate this shift with our favorite 20 video game soundtracks of the decade. The list is unranked and unordered, much like

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