HOLY 2007 or so!
No, you’re not dreaming, millennials (though you ARE pretty lazy): co-legendary noisemakers HEALTH and Xiu Xiu have just DONE SOMETHING NOISY together.
“Delicious Ape” is the sixth collaborative track to be issued by the L.A.-based trio of Jacob Duzsik, John Famiglietti, and Benjamin Millera, and it’s out now on Loma Vista Recordings. But first, here’s WAY MORE than you ever wanted to read about five and a half minutes of music:
The noise/DIY scene of the mid 00’s was characterized by an incredibly high tolerance for “difficult” musical experiences. In many ways, the petit arms race to fortify our listening habits with the avant garde while competing with a handful of unknown bands to create the most challenging music possible was ironically juvenile and provincial. A preoccupation with abrasive experimentalism is not exactly a recipe for toe tapping or hummable melody, and many of us obscured the more enjoyable elements of music-making and listening in favor of weird shit…But not Xiu Xiu goddamn it.
No other project of the most formative era for our band even comes close to so perfectly combining the elements of free noise, drone music, and experimental electronics with raw emotion, melody and choruses. Nobody else even had choruses. Not many of us are left of this particular vintage. Most of the scene moved on to djing house and starting podcasts. Xiu Xiu is still making great and uniquely moving music. We are simply happy to get the chance to be a part of it. What did

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