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Why I Will Miss Miss Aretha

[A Little Background.] Ninetynine percent of you will know the hits. The stuff for which everyone on earth knew her.  Hell, if it weren't for FM radio in the 70s, I wouldn't have had my introduction: 1967's classic, “Respect”. She was spelling a word, my...

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Treefort Diary: Day 4 — 24 March 2018

You'll forgive me, dear reader, if I sound like I'm doing a night of reruns. But I am, mostly. Can you recall my fits of ecstatic joy from a few nights ago, when I first saw The Muckers? Well, if you can't, then I assume you're already clicking on another...

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Treefort Diary: Day Three – 23 March 2018

As with previous years of the Festival, Fridays are usually when things start to get jumpin'. Venues are packed to the gills, and often times concertgoers are forced to stand in line to see headliners, because the smaller clubs are packed an hour or two...

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Treefort Diary: Day Two — 22 March 2018

Once again, rain was pelting us just as the evening was getting started. Which no doubt put a bit of a damper on the artists of Sector Seventeen, who were nowhere to be found when I snapped the pic you see here. Still, the mural is looking like a real...

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Treefort Diary: Day One – 21 March 2018

After taking a bus downtown, I exited Main Street Station just in time to catch a rainstorm. Which, I thought to myself, is a promising sign for the days ahead. And, regarding our bus system: I highly recommend using it. I noticed several open-air parking...

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