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Apes Of The State (Folk, PA) Stream Album “Pipe Dream”

Pennsylvania folk punkers Apes Of The State are back with their second full length record and a few dates to celebrate its release. The effort is titled Pipe Dream and is a stripped back blend of pop, folk, and punk. You can check out the album in its entirety...

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Introducing Celtic Punk ‘N Roll Act: The Cloverhearts

In a scene overflowing with post-hardcore-emo-noise-skate-punk Celtic Punk is a genre that feels quite a bit underrepresented in our beloved punk scene. Intro The Cloverhearts out of Sydney, Australia to say “f-that!” with a healthy dose of Celtic infused...

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Watch: Azomali – “Tofu w Brown Rice”

Some lay listeners like Screw music because they can’t otherwise keep up with rap lyrics. If that’s you, sorry/not sorry, but it doesn’t really help here. Azomali writes from a word bank that’s astral, local, and bilingual. At any speed, he’s liable to sometimes fly...

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Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto sync up on live album TWO

Perennial collaborators/unlikely best buds Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto have joined together once again to announce a live album chronicling their 2018 Sydney Opera House performance. It’s called TWO — named after their series of global performances from...

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Cerberus: Blessed Blood – Untitled

It was not so long ago (actually, it was sometime ago) that Rachel LeBlanc was harassing eardrums with a guitar. This time, LeBlanc stirs up something much deeper, more personal, and far too intimate. As Blessed Blood, LeBlanc is armed largely with her voice (and...

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♫ Listen: Tongue Depressor – Fiddle Music [vol.5]

Henry Birdsey and Zach Rowden. As Tongue Depressor, they play as one mind, or like The Third Mind — two fiddlers, trading resonance and atonality, while likely wearing archaic smiles. They warp a tone, tangle a drone, arrange a piece to be forever unresolved,...

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Music Review: Angel Olsen – All Mirrors

Angel Olsen All Mirrors [Jagjaguwar; 2019] Rating: 4/5 As much as 2016’s My Woman successfully broke out from a folk formula that Angel Olsen had so perfected, it seemed to almost shed something essential about the singer-songwriter. The sorrowful...

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Music Review: Charli XCX – Charli

Charli XCX Charli [Atlantic/Asylum; 2019] Rating: 4/5 You are so important to pop music, angel. You’re the one. You ask its questions in your heart; it tells you it’s OK. You believe that it understands you well, and it writes you into itself. You...

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Tour: Get Dead are headed back to Australia

Head’s up, Aussies…Get Dead are coming your way! The Bay Area homies kick things off THIS FRIDAY – OCTOBER 4th – in Brisbane and will head across the country for eight shows, wrapping things up on October 9th in Bendigo. Check out the full...

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DS Exclusive: Loud Love premiere debut self-titled EP

Here’s new music exclusively from Dying Scene. Loud Love is the newest band to be picked up by White Russian Records to release their debut EP, Angels Maintenance. It’s due out Friday, but we’ve got it for you lucky scenesters a few days...

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Music Review: Bon Iver – i,i

Bon Iver i,i [Jajaguwar; 2019] Rating: 4/5 It makes a lot of sense when you learn that both Noah Lennox and Justin Vernon have degrees in religious studies; Panda Bear’s seminal Person Pitch and Bon Iver’s last few albums are underlined with a kind of...

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Music Review: Pharmakon – Devour

Pharmakon Devour [Sacred Bones; 2019] Rating: 3.5/5 How strange it is to have a body at all. Or, how strange it is that it isn’t strange for some to have a body. Being a body versus knowing that one is a body emerges as a dividing line — how much do you...

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Music Review: Theravada – Xennis Rodman

Theravada Xennis Rodman [2000 ENT.; 2019] Rating: 4/5 Only after moving away from New York does one realize how integral that state is to one’s identity, background, and perspective. I’ve only ever lived elsewhere twice. Yet, even comfortably residing...

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Music Review: W00dy – My Diary

W00dy My Diary [Self-Released; 2019] Rating: 4/5 W00dy shares findings from metaphysical experiments. Passions and other potions bubble in beakers and travel through truly weird Rube Goldberg-like networks of resistance and doing, coming and wanting. At many...

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Music Review: Ariel Zetina – Shell EP

Ariel Zetina Shell EP [Head Charge; 2019] Rating: 3.5/5 Stage 01 So, here’s the problem: the defense formulas in RM2K3 are kind of lame and status effects are limited to halving or doubling stats. Doubling the player’s defense stat doesn’t...

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Album Review: Ink Bomb – “Fiction”

Intelligent song-writing is present on this record of truth. Dutch act, Ink Bomb, take the punk formula and raise hairs and hell. Within a few minutes, when the album Fiction blasts the cobwebs, friction breaks loose, and those turbulent lyrics draw in attention and...

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Xiu Xiu cancel tour, announce temporary hiatus

Citing mental health concerns on the part of inimitable frontman Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu have announced the cancellation of an international tour that was scheduled to begin September 23 in St. Louis. Both Xiu Xiu and Polyvinyl Records made the announcement through...

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Music Review: Vivian Girls – Memory

Vivian Girls Memory [Polyvinyl; 2019] Rating: 4/5 A Vivian Girls reunion is an act of antithesis. The garage rock trio — formerly Brooklynites, but now from L.A. — thrived on an urgency that was destined to implode, peppering the late aughts with...

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Music Review: Fly Pan Am – C’est ça

Fly Pan Am C’est ça [Constellation; 2019] Rating: 3.5/5 Fifteen years and nearly as many projects between them, Fly Pan Am is still somehow a vivid working entity unto itself. There is more of a traditional song form (plus death metal caterwauls...

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The Dollyrots release a video for ‘Animal’

Florida-based Pop Punk husband and wife team The Dollyrots have released a video for ‘Animal’. The track is opener from their recent album, Daydream Explosion, which was released on Wicked Cool Records after Little Steven (The E Street Band)...

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Music Review: MilkSoft – Thistle

MilkSoft Thistle [Self-Released; 2019] Rating: 3/5 Nobody stays in Eden for long. To observe nature now is to “go” to it. Ergo, driving a half-hour to a state park is an “adventure.” This, of course, belies all the weight that the words...

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