Charlie Baudelaire & the 666-Shooters

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James Plane Wreck

Cassette EP Out Now


Jet Black's New Favorite Band.

2002 Boise music Comp

We found this old comp of Boise bands from 2002.


In which we attempt to provide a list of shows happening around the valley.


Klaatu barada nikto

The Queeves

Sonic garbage from Idaho's worst band.


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Curated Content

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Dear Record Exchange customers, With the stay-at-home order issued for the state of Idaho, The Record Exchange is making changes to our business to comply with the order and keep our employees safe. We already had made the decision to close our doors to the public,...

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RIP: David Riley, bassist for Big Black

David Riley, the bassist for Big Black, has died at 59. From David Riley’s partner, Rachel Brown: Sad news my Chicago friends. My dearest friend and longtime housemate Dave Riley lost his short battle with cancer this morning. In late August he developed a...

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Feature: 2010s: In Kanye’s Wake

I. On November 22, 2010, Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy received the distinction of Best New Music with a score of 10 from Pitchfork, an award more elusive to musicians in the 2010s than the Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Prize, and the National Medal...

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Feature: 2010s: Favorite Video Game Music of the Decade

Video games? Those don’t exist! OK, they might exist. But in the context of music journalism, they might as well be a complete fabrication. Music composed for this medium tends to be ignored by our medium. (Certain exceptions notwithstanding.) But why must it?...

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Feature: 2010s: Favorite 50 Cover Art of the Decade

It’s telling that the decade’s most memorable innovations in cover art have breached the confines of the record sleeve. It’s a stunt Kanye West famously pulled in 2013, when CD copies of Yeezus hit shelves sans insert. The front of its jewel case...

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Mix: Guest Mix: ZULI – We Are All Anemic

(MP3 DOWNLOAD) - (PODCAST) To listen to ZULI’s We Are All Anemic mix is to be confronted by decay. Sliding across an arid terrain, its sounds move, but with a momentum that is staggered, labored. The force of entropy is taking hold. Rough trenches wound its...

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Mix Tape: All my friends left very far away

Requested by Xavier • Compiled by ;( I hope you feel okay. 01. Pharmakon - “Crawling on Bruised Knees” 02. Nasum - “Just Another Hog” 03. Xiu Xiu - “I Broke Up” 04. Scott Walker - “Farmer in the City” 05. The...

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Feature: 2010s: Favorite 100 Songs of the Decade

Sometimes the most pyrrhic ventures prove the most gratifying. Gleaning a decade’s worth of song in 2019 feels like sifting sand with a hula hoop, the enormity of the ever-accumulating archive sluicing through our woefully inadequate tools, its elusive pith...

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You know it; I know it: no one releases split EPs on a dime quite like PAN. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, right now, PAN is the PAN of releasing split EPs. And today, the second installment of the Berlin-based label’s “white label...

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Feature: 2010s: Favorite 30 Labels of the Decade

Three years ago, I was tasked with writing the introduction to our year-end Favorite Labels feature. I lamented the fact that trustworthy (and SANE) music curation had basically ceased to exist in an era where notoriety had become a confusing amalgam of happenstance,...

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♫ Listen: Tyler Holmes – Devil

Duality of being, rhythmic dissonance; the decision of indecision. Pine trees scrape the sky, line roads dizzy, double back, lead to amber sunsets over dusty horizons. Run breathless between landscapes, never sure where to stop, neither quite certain enough to be...

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Kneeon (UK Garage Punk) stream new music

Swansea, UK’s Kneeon are streaming the first song off their upcoming self-titled debut. The release is due out December 6 via Brassneck Records, get your first taste below. [bandcamp width=600 height=472 album=222587747 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14...

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♫ Listen: Perrache – Barriere in Movimento

Zones in your bones. That’s the truth of the Polytechnic Youth. That’s the truth of Perrache as well, the project of Stuttgart artist Joachim Henn. If Une Cassette Comme Les Autres, released earlier this year on Taping Desk O-phon Mania, was any...

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Album Review: Teenage Bubblegums – “In Limbo”

When it comes to music, an often overused phrase I hear regarding bands is something along the lines of “wow, their sound has really matured”. More often than not, it hasn’t and the listener is left listening to an album that’s about the same...

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♫ Listen: Nick Mazzarella Trio – Counterbalance

The classic jazz trio setup, am I right? Sax, bass, and drums, just like the doctor ordered; just like old times; just like the prophecies foretold. Nick Mazzarella leads his band on alto sax, and Anton Hatwich and Frank Rosaly fall in on bass and drums respectively....

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The Hempsteadys announce weekend tour

The Hempsteadys will embark on a weekend tour in support of their sophomore album, Séance! Séance!, and their brand new cover/single of “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” by The Pogues. A 10 piece band from Connecticut, The Hempsteadys feature influences...

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♫ Listen: Xuxa Santamaria – Chancletas D’oro

I’m not gonna lie – you frame a record against classic literature or historical events and you’ve got me interested from the beginning. I’m not kidding. Any reference to Dracula or the Russian Revolution is going to get my attention. Wrap that...

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♫ Listen: Ergomope – Етиологии

Serious question: are cassette tapes (or recordings of any kind) the petroglyphs of our time? We’re not really chiseling away at cave walls anymore, but just because we’re not literally in a cave with a couple of blunt instruments doesn’t mean...

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Album Review: Off With Their Heads – “Be Good”

The last time Off With Their Heads (OWTH) released new music was their 2013 album Home. After seeing the band support Against Me! In Melbourne and having never listened to them before, I gave Home a listen as soon as it was released and almost instantly OWTH became my...

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Album Review: MakeWar – “Get It Together”

Developing a Theory of Integrity was one of my favorite releases back in 2016. Back then, they were on Red Scare—one in a long line of bands that helped carve out the label’s reputation as having the best ear for signings in the game. Now, three years...

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♫ Listen: trikorder23 – much time no horse

“Niko breathes music.” So says Cosmic Winnetou label head Günter Schlienz about Niko Lazarakopoulos, whose trikorder23 project is as organic and effortless as the process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. It’s easy to envision...

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