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EP Review: Knocked Loose – ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’

Knocked Loose, the Kentucky based hardcore outfit, come screaming out the gates once more with a new 3 track EP; Mistakes Like Fractures. Heavy, dark, and embodying all the best of beatdown hardcore, these 8 and a half minutes are well worth your time. The title...

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Watch: Max ThaDemon – “Double Backin”

Max ThaDemon is “double backin” in his new single, which dropped one day before Pop Smoke’s “Meet the Woo” video — two drill rappers (both slept on) who understand how to create artificial scarcity — putting out few tracks but with a lot of bang in each. Of course,...

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Album Review: Dead Bars – “Regulars”

Ever since I heard that first self-titled EP, I’ve been rooting for Dead Bars. They write simple songs that can paint a world in four lines of lyrics; they have big melodies that translate into bigger singalongs. They tap into that communal,...

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The Jukebox Romantics and Triple Sundae detail UK tour

New York’s The Jukebox Romantics are to embark on a UK tour with London pop-punks Triple Sundae. The tour will take in dates in England, Scotland and Wales. Full details of dates are below. The post The Jukebox Romantics and Triple Sundae detail UK tour...

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Album Review: The Bouncing Souls “Crucial Moments”

My first The Bouncing Souls album was The Bad, The Worse and the Out of Print, I remember vividly not knowing any of their music but loving the chaotic artwork on the cover. Prior to this album I had a few punk albums, but I was totally obsessed with ska. Reel Big...

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♫ Listen: Byron Westbrook – Voice Damage

This latest sizzler from New York’s Psychic Troubles Tapes, Byron Westbrook’s Voice Damage is a 42 minute experimental sound odyssey ripe for deep listening late in the night, or early in the morning (depending on your night hawk or early bird tendencies)....

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Album Review: Bars Of Gold – “Shelters”

Evolving from the seminal Bear vs Shark and Wildcatting, Bars Of Gold have been quietly building up a following since their debut “Of Gold” was released in 2010, and they follow up their excellent 2013 LP “Wheels” with “Shelters”;...

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♫ Listen: 99jakes – “225”

1jake, 2jakes, 3jakes, 4… 5jakes, 6jakes, 99more!!!!! That’s right, it’s April 9(th, 201)9 and there’s a new 99jakes track in town (read: on SoundCloud and bandcamp, blursting at the seams and seeming at the top of its lungs). IF you...

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Mix: Guest Mix: Small Professor – 1986 Instro Flow

(MP3 DOWNLOAD) - (PODCAST) March 17 would have been Sean Price’s 47th birthday had the MC aka Ruck lived past age 43. On February 8, 2019, P’s longtime label Duck Down Music Inc. teamed with Coalmine Records and producer Small Professor for the...

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Album Review: Be Like Max – “Save Us All”

Las Vegas ska-punks Be Like Max are back with their fourth album Save Us All. Immediately it strikes as a throwback to the Suicide Machines brand of hardcore punk with massively catchy and danceable ska breakdowns. Being Produced by David McWane, of Big D fame,...

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♫ Listen: woopheadclrms – Asaga Fu an Fumoragu Aria

It’s always refreshing to encounter publishers that tease the accepted materiality of musical objects. As of late, BIZAARBAZAAR’s t-shirt compilation comes to mind. woopheadclrms embedded a stick in the spine of the CD case for his groundbreaking Meeting...

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Watch: Eartheater – “Inkling”

From Eartheater herself: Reported a false fire on Stony’s block to make this vid for Inkling - make a lil smoke in mirrors to make a lil fyye. Jk I’d never do that to these sleepy firemen… Budget-$0 Takes-2. Much love to my son @stonykold. Go watch it in my bio cuz of...

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Premiere: Új Bála – “The Clock”

In a deep sea dive “more psychedelic than scientific,” according to Gábor Kovács, the cephalopodic traffic of analog jelly streams by in spinal fluidity, while divers slip through pipelines into feedback loops of alternate infinities....

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Culture Abuse announce tour dates

SF punks Culture Abuse have announced some upcoming tour dates, including some headlining dates from June 6th – July 6th. You can check out all of the dates and locations below. Culture Abuse last released Bay Dream in June 2018...

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♫ Listen: Curved Light – Flow and Return

Curved Light; prismatic. Delicate pastel waves. Tranquility lens: viewfinder. Flow and Return. horizons.freedom/motion_of_energy An onrushing of discovery. Constellation Tatsu. Flow and Return by Curved Light

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♫ Listen: Joseph Allred – Nightsongs / Aspirant

Michael Potter’s Garden Portal Almanac on Already Dead was a masterpiece, a collision of dynamic imagination and inventive construction. It’s no wonder, then, that the NULL|Z0NE label head has decided to latch on to his best work as a title for his new...

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Music Review: Triad God – 黑社會 Triad

Triad God 黑社會 Triad [Presto!?; 2019] Rating: 5/5 “We have to invent the future.” – Mark Fisher When Vinh Ngan collaborated with fellow Londoner Palmistry in 2012 to create NXB, the global nexus of culture was...

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DJ Khaled announces new album Father of Asahd

After having successfully soundtracked about 95% of Lyft rides where the driver opts to not have you sit in painful silence, DJ Khaled has announced his 12th (!?) full-length album. The allegedly “mega-anticipated” Father of Asahd is due out May 17 via We...

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Habits (Post Hardcore, UK) Announce UK Tour Dates

UK post hardcore quartet Habits have announced their gig schedule for spring 2019. The group will perform six gigs around the UK in April and May, surrounding appearances at the now-legendary Manchester Punk Festival, Washed Out Festival and Focus Wales Festival. You...

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