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2002 Boise music Comp

We found this old comp of Boise bands from 2002.


In which we attempt to provide a list of shows happening around the valley.


Klaatu barada nikto

The Queeves

Sonic garbage from Idaho's worst band.


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Short/Fast/Loud: Abolitionist – “A New Militance”

Here at Dying Scene, we’ve been talking a lot behind the scenes about how to maximize our content—not only covering more, but covering better. We’ll be making some changes to our output in the coming months, and the end goal will be to provide our writers with more...

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1. Fearless Fred Fury, Insane Clown Posse 2. What It Is, Hayes Carll 3. American Love Song, Ryan Bingham 4. Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack, Queen 5. Signs, Tedeschi Trucks Band 6. Don’t Smile at Me, Billie Eilish 7. Greatest Hits, Fleetwood Mac 8. Bambi, Hippo Campus 9....

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Music Review: Croatian Amor – Isa

Croatian Amor Isa [Posh Isolation; 2019] Rating: 3/5 (whose end of the world is the end of the world?) (whose ending of the world is the ending of the world?) (whose apocalypse is the apocalypse?) (who survives but is not considered to have survived?) –...

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♫ Listen: Tom Mudd – Brass Cultures

Brass Cultures finds Tom Mudd at work on algorithmic brass models. Various tubes, valves, and slides of the instrument group simulated. Likewise the playability, even down to subtle variations in lip pressure. A double simulation really, with the winding maze-works of...

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Details of final ever Nothington shows revealed

Nothington have revealed details of their final shows. The band will play San Diego and Los Angeles this April, with a final ever show scheduled in San Francisco this June. See what the band had to say about the shows and full details below. “As many of you are aware,...

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Music Review: Wizard Apprentice – I Am Invisible

Wizard Apprentice I Am Invisible [Ratskin; 2018] Rating: 4/5 Wizard Apprentice’s main act toward expression is unpacking: picking their self open, laying their self bare and exploring the remains. For that reason, it’s hard to say much about artist Tiereny Carter that...

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Mix Tape: Music for shoplifting

Requested by 5 Finger Discount • Compiled by Buff the Hippo You know the drill. 01. JPEGMAFIA - “Thug Tears” 02. Ski Mask The Slump God - “Nuketown (feat. Juice WRLD)” 03. Run The Jewels - “Lie, Cheat, Steal” 04. The Prodigy - “Diesel Power” 05. Injury Reserve - “See...

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We’re staying in the cassette world for this week’s Vintage Audio Spotlight, which features a super-cool Denon DRS-610 tape deck. What makes it super-cool, you ask? The DRS-610 has a front-loading drawer just like a CD player, with the cassette actually lying...

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Music Review: Ariana Grande – thank u, next

Ariana Grande thank u, next [Republic; 2019] Rating: 4.5/5 I hope you find love. Don’t let that be too much to ask. “Why can’t you imagine a world like that?” Not love like reductive metaphor, no string of useless monogamies. Not unless you like it like that. Not love...

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Music Review: Illiterate Light – Sweet Beast

Illiterate Light Sweet Beast [Self-Released; 2019] Rating: 3/5 I don’t begrudge any band for aggrandizing their happiness, especially not a group as optimistic as Illiterate Light, who can wrap a decently upbeat melody around downer lyrics like: “I swear nothing’s...

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Skate Jam 6 Announces Set Times

Nothing goes better with skateboarding than punk music and the fine folks of Reno get the best of both worlds next weekend at the sixth annual Skate Jam! This all day, all ages event (sponsored by Wheel House and Suffix Skateboarding) not only features an awesome...

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♫ Listen: Cat Temper – Purring for Vengeance

This isn’t something I feel I should be apologizing for. I was just talking to my friend about the new Jah Division album, and I asked him, are they as dumb as they sound, or are they worth the listen? His answer: yes and yes. That’s my answer for Cat Temper. There...

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Music Review: Lee Gamble – In a Paraventral Scale

Lee Gamble In a Paraventral Scale [Hyperdub; 2019] Rating: 3/5 Cities. New cities. Cities that aren’t even on this earth yet. The kind that Lee Gamble, on In a Paraventral Scale, gives a language to. Cities like shrines shining, where stars spill their milk-light on...

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Interview: Eli Keszler

Eli Keszler speaks like a true urbanist. His subject is New York City, the seat of the Empire State, a 500-year-old melting pot and enduring symbol of global commerce and culture. NYC is the USA’s contribution to the international register of vertical metropoles; its...

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♫ Listen: FIT Siegel + Kassem Mosse – “Cycle Blue”

“Cycle Blue” is some properly functional techno. No, not that kind of “functional,” what with its connotations of gym playlists, overpriced drinks and Facebook video recipes; FIT Siegel and erstwhile knob-twiddler Kassem Mosse are here to reclaim functionality, to...

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DS Exclusive: Booze & Glory debut new video, “Too Soon”

Dying Scene is stoked to team up with the lads in Booze & Glory to debut the video for the brand new track, “Too Soon.” Clocking in at just a hair under six minutes long, the video and the song are a bit of a departure for the London-based street punk quartet. Here’s...

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Music Review: MoMA Ready – Ocean Walker II

MoMA Ready Ocean Walker II [Self-Released; 2018] Rating: 4/5 Below is a video of a man rollerskating, wearing a green shirt, dancing against the rotation of the rink. His appreciation of others around him in movement is exactly how I stay listening to MoMA Ready’s...

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Nieviem (skate punk, UK) stream new EP “Up In The Air”

Lincoln, UK skate punk act Nieviem are streaming their new EP, Up In The Air, which was released on February 10th. You can give it a listen below. Nieviem last released Live In The Brewer in August 2018. The post Nieviem (skate punk, UK) stream new EP “Up In The Air”...

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♫ Listen: Alan Sond – Clown Around Town

CG—®8’ing outta 5 Styles: exactly the amount of-a-good-thing, Mickey’s whoopty, gaining acceptance within a moment’s notice, never become whole yet satisfied Others: Angel 1, I Am Just A Pupil, EYELINER, LI$014 by Alan Sond

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Born From Pain release video for “New Beginnings”

Dutch hardcore mainstays Born From Pain have released a video for “New Beginnings”. The track is taken from upcoming album True Love, out this Friday (February 15th) via BDHW Records. Have a watch below. The post Born From Pain release video for “New Beginnings”...

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♫ Listen: Altarage – “Cyclopean Clash”

When neither sight nor sound can indicate how you won’t rebound from the next swell, you now know the full scope and feel of the undertow’s reel. Onslaught nautical, inner compass is spun, in deeper than you thought, it cannot be undone. Spatial intoxication abounds,...

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Music Review: Xiu Xiu – Girl with Basket of Fruit

Xiu Xiu Girl with Basket of Fruit [Polyvinyl; 2019] Rating: 4.5/5 “…now my heart is as green as weeds, grown to outlive their season.” – Neko Case What now: A despondent juvenile mindset-friendly space for well-curated wor(l)d gurglin’ self-indulgence. You’re the...

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The Tenth (Bubblegum Punk) Releases Debut LP, Dunes

Los Angeles based bubblegum punk quartet The Tenth hit the scene last Summer with their debut EP Boys We Don’t Know. Now, just a short six months later, the young ladies have returned with their first foray into full lengths! The thirteen track LP, Dunes hits shelves...

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1. Paint the World, Minor Paradox 2. Tides of a Teardrop, Mandolin Orange 3. Phantom Anthem, August Burns Red 4. Bambi, Hippo Campus 5. It’s the Tips, The French Tips 6. Flower Boy, Tyler, the Creator 7. Swimming, Mac Miller 8. Gallipoli, Beirut 9. Helping Hands… Live...

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Music Review: Cass McCombs – Tip of The Sphere

Cass McCombs Tip of The Sphere [ANTI-; 2019] Rating: 4.5/5 Dear Cass, How are you? I’ve been meaning to get in touch. I only know you from your songs, which I guess is less and more than anything else. I’ve been listening to Tip of The Sphere every day for a few weeks...

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94.9FM The River presents Max Frost live at The Record Exchange at 6:30pm Wednesday, March 6. Max Frost is performing at Neurolux later that evening and we have tickets for sale at the store. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages. Frost...

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♫ Listen: Le Makeup – End Roll

It’s been with joy that I’ve followed Le Makeup’s many self-released singles and EPs. The latest three-track offering End Roll, effortlessly expresses the warm guitars, plucky vocals, and trap-inflected instrumentals I’ve come to love in that library but delivers...

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