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We found this old comp of Boise bands from 2002.


In which we attempt to provide a list of shows happening around the valley.


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Album Review: Doaks “Scaredy Ghost”

Cleveland’s DOAKS debut album Scaredy Ghost was released towards the end of 2018 with a unique sound that was self described as “a punk rock B-52’s”. This comparison is not without merit, as they have a driving rhythm section, soaring female...

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Podcast: Tabs Out: Laser Focus #17 – Suite 309

Tabs Out is an all-cassette podcast that’s been documenting the prolific tape underground with obsession, humor, and expertise since 2012. Tiny Mix Tapes has teamed with Tabs Out for a show called Laser Focus, in which tape aficionados/fetishists Mike Haley,...

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Music Review: Matthew Sullivan – Matthew

Matthew Sullivan Matthew [Recital; 2019] Rating: 3.5/5 How are ya’ll doing today? “Well,” I hope. Good, good. Thank ya’ll for showing up, I appreciate your audience. Here are some thoughts about why we’re all here. This kind of...

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Music Review: XT – Palina’tufa

XT Palina’tufa [Empty Editions; 2019] Rating: 3/5 Palina’tufa opens with sounds that make me want to laugh out loud. “A,” or, eliciting the feeling of a few drafts gleefully torn up straight away. A poke at a giggle and haunting mumbles: a...

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Slam Dunk 2019 Reveals Clash-Proof Stages

In a first for the UK punk / emo / metalcore all-dayer, Slam Dunk 2019 has announced that some stages will alternate their programming, becoming clash-proof. This year, neither the Jagermeister Stage or Impericon stage will clash, making sure fans of hardcore and...

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♫ Listen: Ohbliv – Give Thanks

On the list of people I need to give thanks to regularly, Ohbliv must be like, #3, behind mother and people who don’t hang over elevator doors as if food’s on the way. The loop pastor has been whispering sweet n’ fuzzy soul in my ears since I was a...

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Bad Idols announce June tour

Knoxville, Tennessee punk act Bad Idols have announced some upcoming tour dates. You can check out all the dates and locations below. Support for all dates are hometown buddies Burnt Toast. The band release their 3rd album Can’t Imagine in the Fall....

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Music Review: Rip Hayman – Dreams of India & China

Rip Hayman Dreams of India & China [Recital; 2019] Rating: 4/5 And instead of asking, who played that flute, might we ask whose footsteps stirred the dust of the corridors near there, that room, now empty, where the piano still quivers, still, and still...

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Short/Fast/Loud: Thurman – A Day Called X

I was immediately struck by how well Portland’s Thurman managed to balance the tone of their songs. Here was a young band—operating in the self-serious arena of indie-punk—that wasn’t afraid to be playful. They were sad, plaintive, and...

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Music Review: Mac DeMarco – Here Comes the Cowboy

Mac DeMarco Here Comes the Cowboy [Mac's Record Label; 2019] Rating: 2/5 Mac DeMarco is a formula musician. That’s not a bad thing. He has a passion for A&R rock, but on Here Comes the Cowboy, he leans toward the singer-songwriter motif moreso than...

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Music Review: Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising

Weyes Blood Titanic Rising [Sub Pop; 2019] Rating: 4.5/5 At some point this decade, time began to falter. It would skip and repeat itself, stutter dumbly in place, surge violently ahead, and crash back to the present. It was the “End of History,”...

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Lucero announce October/December US tour dates

Good news, Lucero fans. The Memphis five-piece are heading back out on the road for a pretty lengthy run in October, plus a couple three-night East Coast and West Coast stints to bookend Christmas week. The bulk of the touring festivities kick off with two night stay...

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♫ Listen: DJ NJ DRONE – The Cold Habit

Learn yourself: Minion, min·ion, /ˈminyən/ — a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one. Underlings? Been around for ages. Followers? Now we’re talking. It started with buddy lists. Then...

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Album Review: The Murderburgers – “What A Mess”

Hailing from Scotland, The Murderburgers are a catchy pop-punk band that writes songs about anything and everything, including alcoholism, depression, and other sad subjects – in happy-sounding songs.  It sounds confusing, but it works. What a Mess is an...

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Music Review: Ulla Straus – Big Room

Ulla Straus Big Room [Quiet Time; 2019] Rating: 4/5 If a horse stops in front of your house for no reason. If a horse comes in the night. I turn the matter over and over in my mind and on my computer. When rooms go quiet buildings speak. Surround....

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Music Review: Lafawndah – Ancestor Boy

Lafawndah Ancestor Boy [Concordia/Warp; 2019] Rating: 3.5/5 Last year, the experimental pop musician Lafawndah posted a series of pictures to Instagram of iconic women artists with the caption “MOTHER.” As an exercise in mood-boarding, it was...

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EP Review: Goodland – “Like All Else”

At first, I was hesitant to review this band because of their name. Goodland kind of sounds like a country band, no? (Sorry to say, that’s not my thing.) And you know what? That was a terrible way to approach this EP, as I was pleasantly surprised by this...

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Video : Stuck Out Here – “For You, For Me”

Toronto’s Stuck Out Here have released a video for the first single “For You, For Me”, off their upcoming album, Until We’re Each Someone Else.  Singer/guitarist Ivan Raczyki says of the song: ‘“For You, For Me” was...

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Watch: Nickelus F & Ohbliv – “Might As Well”

Finders, peepers: Nickelus F with the “yeah sure, whatever man” made-it posture; Ohbliv with some reverential tenderness to make you forget your neck; Nils Westergard with seasonal sights of flora, fauna, and Richmond regalia. Might as wise?

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