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2002 Boise music Comp

We found this old comp of Boise bands from 2002.


In which we attempt to provide a list of shows happening around the valley.


Klaatu barada nikto

The Queeves

Sonic garbage from Idaho's worst band.


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♫ Listen: Dere Moans – History Has Time to Bleed

I don’t know where Tony Lien finds his source material, but every time he releases a new Dere Moans tape I get a little freaked out, a little trepiditious. I’m the kind of person who has the last few Dere Moans tapes on that shelf over there, and I somehow...

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Sum 41 Storms Paste Magazine’s Live Studio

Sum 41 is out with a new record and they took a trip over to Paste Magazine to record a live studio session with Paste’s resident musical madman Brad Wagner. While the group may be known for blazing guitar solos and hard pumping drumlines they brought a far...

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Album Review: Filthy Hearts “Beyond Repair”

  If you are a fan of the late 90’s, early 2000’s brand of Midwestern whiskey soaked pop punk like Dillinger Four, Dear Landlord, or Off With Their Heads, Denver’s Filthy Hearts newest album Beyond Repair, out now via Hidden Home...

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D.R.I. to play two Hawaiian shows in February

Crossover thrash icons D.R.I. have announced its first shows of next year’s world tour, which will kick off with two shows at the Anna O’Brien’s club in Honolulu on February 7th and 8th, making it the first the first time since 2011 that the...

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Victims of Circumstance announce new album, “Five”

Good news for fans of Florida five-piece punk band Victims Of Circumstance…2020 will bring new music! The band announced plans for a new album, which’ll be their fifth full-length. The appropriately titled Five is due for release on January 17th via...

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♫ Listen: Hanz – “The Fly”

Back with more broken beats and aura-esque atmospheric trance sounds, “The Fly” by Hanz is a thousand visions in one collective flight. Like ASMR club so that beats are confused with patterns almost collaged into a masterpiece of alien mythological...

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♫ Listen: Dasychira – “Swirl (ft. Malibu)”

When I was a teenager, my life was a delicate balance of ecstasy and terror. I felt that I was capable of everything and nothing. “Swirl” is kind of like that. Elegant strings compete with, or reply to, sibilant chirps of noise. Proud, contemplative...

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ROCKET Release New Single “GIANTS”

  Channeling their inner Rancid Los Angeles California’s ROCKET has just released their debut single “GIANTS.” Dubbed one of the “best bands to catch” by CBS Los Angeles ROCKET is firing out of the starting block with a red hot track...

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Apes Of The State (Folk, PA) Stream Album “Pipe Dream”

Pennsylvania folk punkers Apes Of The State are back with their second full length record and a few dates to celebrate its release. The effort is titled Pipe Dream and is a stripped back blend of pop, folk, and punk. You can check out the album in its entirety...

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Introducing Celtic Punk ‘N Roll Act: The Cloverhearts

In a scene overflowing with post-hardcore-emo-noise-skate-punk Celtic Punk is a genre that feels quite a bit underrepresented in our beloved punk scene. Intro The Cloverhearts out of Sydney, Australia to say “f-that!” with a healthy dose of Celtic infused...

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Watch: Azomali – “Tofu w Brown Rice”

Some lay listeners like Screw music because they can’t otherwise keep up with rap lyrics. If that’s you, sorry/not sorry, but it doesn’t really help here. Azomali writes from a word bank that’s astral, local, and bilingual. At any speed, he’s liable to sometimes fly...

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Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto sync up on live album TWO

Perennial collaborators/unlikely best buds Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto have joined together once again to announce a live album chronicling their 2018 Sydney Opera House performance. It’s called TWO — named after their series of global performances from...

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Cerberus: Blessed Blood – Untitled

It was not so long ago (actually, it was sometime ago) that Rachel LeBlanc was harassing eardrums with a guitar. This time, LeBlanc stirs up something much deeper, more personal, and far too intimate. As Blessed Blood, LeBlanc is armed largely with her voice (and...

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♫ Listen: Tongue Depressor – Fiddle Music [vol.5]

Henry Birdsey and Zach Rowden. As Tongue Depressor, they play as one mind, or like The Third Mind — two fiddlers, trading resonance and atonality, while likely wearing archaic smiles. They warp a tone, tangle a drone, arrange a piece to be forever unresolved,...

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