Charlie Baudelaire & the 666-Shooters

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James Plane Wreck

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Jet Black's New Favorite Band.

2002 Boise music Comp

We found this old comp of Boise bands from 2002.


In which we attempt to provide a list of shows happening around the valley.


Klaatu barada nikto

The Queeves

Sonic garbage from Idaho's worst band.


Curated Content from around the web.


Beautiful Sweater Party: Max Beefwater with Guardians of Virginity

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Neurolux 110 N. 11th St. Boise

Sun Blood Stories, with Ealdor Bealu and Dark Swallows

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Neurolux 110 N. 11th St. Boise

Distant Family, with James Plane Wreck

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Neurolux 111 N. 11th St. Boise

Dash, with College Level and Golder Strange

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The Olympic 1009 W. Main St. Boise

New Cassette by James Plane Wreck